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If you were hurt in a car or truck crash in Orange, Texas, you probably have a lot of questions.  Fortunately, you have come to the right place, because we have answers.


Our EXPERIENCED auto accident attorneys have worked hard to make this information available to you for FREE, because we passionately believe that Orange car wreck victims deserve to know their rights and need to be protected from insurance adjusters and others who may take advantage them after a serious crash.


What do you need to know after an Orange, TX car crash?

  • Don’t give a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster after a car crash – it may be used against you later
  • Seek medical attention right away – it’s better to know what happened to you then find out later, and have that used against you as well
  • Don’t accept a quick settlement from the insurance company if it seems low – they are hoping you’ll grab the small amount of money they offer and go away – you deserve better!
  • If the insurance adjuster drags out your claim, get help from an attorney – they like to play the delay… delay… delay game, until you give up and do things their way


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