Our Experienced Houston Car Accident Lawyers can help

Please contact us about your car wreck case.  We have handled many car accident cases, with a history of excellent results.  For a list of our recent results, please click here.  For example, we recently resolved a case for a client who was a passenger in a car driven by his friend, for $1,022,510.  Also, were were recently hired by a young man who was rear ended by a private car who had auto insurance.  The insurance company made a low-ball pre-trial offer, so V&B's client rejected it and the case went to trial.  After the first day of trial, the insurance company paid V&B's client 14 times the amount of its pre-trial offer.

V&B Houston Auto Accident Lawyers have litigated cases against all of the major car insurance companies, and we have worked extensively against their insurance adjusters and company lawyers.  These auto insurance companies know us well, and we know them well.  This means that most of the time both sides get down to business and our clients benefit because they are paid on their cases earlier than usual. 

The founding attorneys of VB Attorneys are experienced in Personal Injury Trial Law. Vuk Vujasinovic is also a member of:
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