How Truckers Can Hold Big Companies Responsible for Accident Injuries

Like most accident victims, truck drivers who suffer on-the-job injuries in Texas often feel helpless. They may feel that if they complain about their suffering to their employer, they will simply be fired. Others assume that injuries, especially repetitive strain or chronic pains, are simply “part of the job.”

Our Celadon Trucking accident attorneys want truck drivers to know that they have legal options if they are treated unfairly, just like any other worker in the nation. Although you may feel it is “you against the world,” we can assure you that the right attorney can take on any number of parties who caused your injury, getting you the compensation you deserve for your suffering.

There is a number of different people you could hold responsible for your injury, including:

  • Celadon Trucking Service Inc. If you were treated unfairly as a result of your injury or were put at risk by unsafe business practices, the trucking company may be liable.
  • The owner of the trailer. Since Celadon Trucking owns both truck cabs and trailers, it is possible that a trailer may belong to Celadon, and the cab to another party.
  • Your rig’s maintenance company. Some corporations will skip regular maintenance checks to save money or to get their rigs back on the road faster.
  • A designer or manufacturer. If a part of your rig or trailer was defective, we can hold the manufacturer responsible in a product liability case.
  • The owner of the goods you were hauling. If there was a problem with the cargo, such as a leakage or explosive property, the owner could be responsible.
  • Another responsible entity, such as a driver who caused the accident or a company doctor who told you that you were okay to drive.

At our firm, we know that companies are quick to turn on their drivers when an accident occurs. However, our experienced Texas injury attorneys can get you your day in court—to tell the story as it really happened, and get the settlement you need for your medical costs.

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