Blaming the Victim Is a Common Tactic Used to Minimize Jones Act Claims

Employers hope to avoid taking responsibility for the costs when a worker is hurt at sea, and this can sometimes result in victims being blamed for the accidents that injured them. Even in situations where the employer clearly ignored unsafe conditions or equipment, injured seamen are still saddled with the blame. However, while it’s scary to suddenly find yourself in physical pain and facing shocking accusations, don’t give in to an employer’s empty threats and scare tactics.

You May Not Be Responsible for Your Injuries, Despite Employer Insistence

You trust your employer to take care of you if you are hurt, and it can be hard not to take unfair accusations to heart. However, as a Jones Act seaman, it’s unlikely that all of the responsibility for an accident falls on you, especially if:

  • You were injured while doing something you were told to do.
  • You were injured because of unsafe conditions or equipment.
  • You didn’t promptly report an injury because you were pressured against it by a supervisor.

Whether or not your actions played a part in the accident, there’s also a good chance that your employer isn’t telling you the whole story about your Jones Act rights.

Even If the Injury Was “Your Fault,” You Are Still Covered by the Jones Act

If you have been hurt while working on a vessel or rig, it is likely that the Jones Act will cover the cost of your medical treatment, regardless of fault. Although your employer may attempt to pressure, harass, or threaten you with the idea of blame, the company can’t deny you the benefits you deserve under the law.

Jones Act workers are often vulnerable to the unfair tactics of huge offshore companies and their insurance companies, but they don’t have to bear the weight of accusations and misplaced blame. If you are having trouble getting the Jones Act benefits you deserve after an injury, reach out to our experienced Houston legal team by phone for immediate assistance with your questions.

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