Compensation for Hand and Wrist Fractures After a Ryder Truck Accident in Texas

If you experienced a fractured hand in a Ryder truck wreck, you may think that it is not worth pursuing a case against the trucking company for such a “minor” injury. While it may be true that the damage in your accident could have been worse, there may still be many unforeseen costs—costs that you should not have to pay.

For instance, a Texas broken bone injury will very likely require more than just a brief hospital stay. These kinds of injuries will often keep victims out of work while the bones in the hand and wrist heal, which can severely limit the victim’s earning capacity. Victims may also be unable to perform daily tasks independently, and require help bathing, dressing, and doing other intensely personal activities.

Here are just a few things a Texas Ryder truck accident lawsuit could win you compensation for:

  • Surgery. Hand and wrist injuries may require surgery to correct bone placement and relieve pressure on the nerves and blood vessels in the fingers and joints.
  • Physical therapy. When your hand has healed, physical therapy exercises may be needed to strengthen it—but many such costs are not covered by standard medical insurance.
  • Pain and suffering. If your injury severely limited your activities or caused extreme personal suffering, a jury may award you additional funds for pain and suffering.

Our Ryder truck accident injury attorneys know that every individual will suffer an injury differently. A broken hand will be painful for both a retired man and an administrative assistant, and will require time to heal in both cases. However, it is more likely to impede the assistant professionally: if she is unable to perform her job, she may suffer an additional loss of income. 

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