Who is R.L. Judge & Associates?

Who is RL Judge and Associates?

If you have been contacted by a representative from RL Judge and Associates after being injured in a marine job, you need to know the truth about who they are and why they're contacting you.

According to its website, RL Judge and Associates LLC provides on-site intervention (including offshore), immediate claimant contact, risk management consulting, and more services in the claims management field, according to its website.  Breaking it down, they get hired by your employer and its insurance company to minimize or even eliminate your claim starting the moment you are injured. Once hired, their job is to make your injury claim go away. 

7 Reaons to Be Careful When Dealing with RL Judge and Associates:

  1. RL Judge and Associates is paid by insurance companies and employers. Because of this, RL Judge's job is to protect the company - not you. 
  2. RL Judge and Associates has been in business since the 1980s, and has experience protecting these companies and employees against injury claims. You probably have never dealt with claims adjusters before, and so you are at a huge informational disadvantage. The RL Judge rep is trained to make you think they're following the law, when they're really just making the situation fit their goals.
  3. RL Judge and Associates can begin their accident investigation immediately, take statements, and do all the work they need to do to make your claim go away. An injured worker will - and should be - focused on getting necessary and immediate medical care, getting paid, and getting on with his or her career. While the injured worker is focused on his or her financial and physical survival, RL Judge's representatives are already hard at work on investigating your claim.
  4. RL Judge and Associates has the expertise, resources, and people to do a full-blown accident investigation. This investigation will favor your employer, not you. 
  5. RL Judge and Associates know employees who work in the maritime industry fear losing their jobs if they say anything negative about their employer, and the representative will use that to make the accident seem like your fault. 
  6. RL Judge and Associates' representatives are highly trained to make it seem like they're just trying to help you get your benefits and your medical treatment. While their work might initially appear to help you get benefits and medical treatment, keep in mind that their job is to help your employer, not you. You need to make sure someone is advocating for you as you try to recover and return to work.
  7. RL Judge and Associates has access to your employer's lawyers. In addition to making sure the loss adjusting services and accident investigation are in favor of your employer, RL Judge can use the company lawyers resources to help further minimize or eliminate your claim.

While these seven reasons may seem over the top, in our experience, they are more than true. The smiling claims adjuster who meets you the second you get back to shore and goes with you to the company doctor is not on your side.

Now you know the truth behind the nice guy act.

3 Ways To Protect Yourself When Dealing With RL Judge and Associates:

  •  Know that you are not required, by law, to give a recorded statement or sign any papers in order to get medical treatment or benefits. If RL Judge implies that you won't receive your wages or medical treatment if you don't do what they say, remember that you have the right under the law to your wages and medical care. 

  • Know that you deserve to get independent legal advice. Your claim is being worked on by RL Judge and your company's lawyers to minimize it or even eliminate it. The experience and knowledge that is being put into making your claim go away means you should consider consulting an experienced Jones Act attorney to understand everything going into your claim and how to take steps to protect yourself.

  • Know that your future is at stake. While you may think you can trust your employer, once RL Judge and Associates is involved, you can be sure that your employer is taking steps to protect itself and look after its own financial and legal interests. You shouldn't have to wait to see if your employer will take care of you or if you can trust your employer when you should be focused on getting the medical care you need to get better. By hiring RL Judge and Associates, you know that your employer has basically said it doesn't have your best interests in mind, but its own. 

After you've been injured, you should be able to focus on just getting better. That's where we come in. Call our experienced Jones Act attorneys, toll free, at 877.724.7800, for your free case analysis.

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