How a Rent-a-Center Work Injury Case Can Provide for You and Your Family

If you work at a high-volume store, you no doubt have suffered minor injuries on the job. A sliced thumb, a stubbed toe—you know they’re likely to happen when you’re moving inventory.

But this injury is different. For one thing, it’s incredibly painful—and for another, it’s not going to heal on its own.

A work-accident knee injury can be excruciating and debilitating. Here are just a few injuries employees may suffer while lifting, twisting, or bending at work:

  • Dislocation. If something heavy is dropped on the knee, the joint bones may separate rather than break, severing the ligaments that connect the upper and lower leg. Dislocated knees can be life-threatening, if not treated quickly, and the victim could lose the leg due to loss of blood.
  • Hyperextension. Hyperextension may happen during a fall, or if the victim’s feet are pulled upward, forcing the knee joint to bend in the opposite direction. This is usually treated by realigning the ligaments and bending the knees, keeping the patient completely immobile as the ligaments heal.
  • Meniscus tears. This injury is usually caused by a violent twisting of the lower leg that tears the cartilage beneath the kneecap. Many victims report pain that grows more and more severe in the days after the accident, until their leg becomes so stiff that they are unable to walk. Patients cannot work for several weeks, as they often need surgery, rest, and prescription pain medication. 
  • Broken kneecap. A fall onto a hard, concrete floor will often result in a patella fracture, or broken kneecap. These usually require immediate surgery, since sharp bone fragments may sever blood vessels and interrupt blood flow to the foot.
  • Water on the knee. Many knee injuries will result in fluid buildup around the kneecap, commonly called “water on the knee.” The most common treatments include draining the fluid with a needle or a steroid injection to reduce the swelling.

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