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Industrial plants are highly complex work sites. So when things go wrong, they usually go really wrong and people are hurt or killed. Because of the really high risk of injury or death, OSHA rules and NIOSH rules apply as well as individual company safety rules to help keep workers safe.  But sometimes they're not enough. It can be a long pattern of using the wrong tool because it's cheaper and faster, or not following all of the safety rules because they slow down your work, or a failure to know what work is happening and make sure it's supervised and done safely. 

Houston is surrounded by plants and refineries. Accidents happen all the time. And clients always say the same thing - if only this safety rule was followed, or if only the company had gone through the whole safety checklist to make sure it was safe to do the work. Most of these accidents aren't freak events - someone is usually at fault for failing to keep workers safe. And it's our job to investigate what the safety failure was, who was responsible for it, and how it could have been prevented. Knowing these answers helps our clients hold the companies accountable for not keeping them safe and helps prevent other workers from being injured in the future. 

How our attorneys have helped injured plant and refinery workers:

World's largest crane collapses at Houston refineryWhen eight workers were injured when the world's largest crane came crashing down at a Houston-area refinery, we were hired to find out what happened. Evidence came to light that the people manning the crane didn't have the training or instructions to safely operate the crane. The responsible parties offered to settle the case right before trial was set to begin for a confidential amount.


enterprise products plant explosionWhen a massive explosion and fire occurred at the Enterprise Products petrochemical facility in Mont Belvieu, Texas, 43 of the injured workers hired us to help them hold the company responsible for failing to keep them safe. Our investigation revealed that, in addition to a long history of safety violations that caused injuries, the company knew the activity that caused the explosion was unsafe and they had chosen to not do it safely. Find out more.


ExxonMobil photo credit guiseppe barrancoWhen a fire broke out at the ExxonMobil refinery in Beaumont, Texas in 2013, we were hired by two of the injured workers to investigate the incident. We were the first legal team to obtain a temporary restraining order to restrict Exxon from destroying or tampering with any of the evidence. 



Coldwater Machine logoWhen a GE machinist was injured during a training session on a new machine, he hired us to hold the company that made the machine, Coldwater Machine, and was supposed to train him responsible for failing to keep him safe. The case went to trial in Harris County. We hired a work safety expert who had found that Coldwater violated multiple OSHA safety rules and caused our client's injuries. The jury agreed, returning a verdict in favor of our client.

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