Insurance company giving you a hard time after a severe burn injury in Orange, Texas?

After being hurt in Orange, TX in an accident that results in severe burns, many accident victims and their families are dismayed to find that they then have to fight with the insurance company.  This is one of the sad truths of accident cases that as Houston personal injury lawyers we see all the time – you were hurt because of somebody else’s negligence, and now the insurance company is giving you a hard time.  It does not seem fair.


We want you to be on the lookout for these six insurance company tricks after a burn injury in Texas:

  1. Asking you to sign a medical release form – the insurance company wants complete access to your medical records so they can find another reason for your medical issues.  Don’t do it!
  2. Offer you a small settlement – often insurance companies will offer you a pathetic settlement.  Many people take it, thinking that is the best they’ll get – this isn’t true!   Don’t take the first offer you are given.
  3. They’ll wear you down – tired of fighting with your insurance company?  That’s the plan!  They want to wear you out so you’ll give up and either go away or accept their small settlement offer.
  4. Tell you that you do not need a lawyer – they’ll try to convince that you don’t need a lawyer, telling you that the lawyer will get everything and you’ll end up with less.  This simply is not true – when attorneys get involved, settlement amounts are higher – and that means more out of their pocket.
  5. They’ll drown you in paperwork – in a continued effort to wear you down, they’ll keep sending you tons of paperwork.  Some of this paperwork is intended, like the medical release form, to trick you into ruining your case.
  6. Delay, delay, delay… - they will drag your case out as long as they can, again trying to wear you down and get you to accept their terrible settlement offer.


Don’t let the insurance company get away with these tricks!  Burn injury victims in Texas deserve better, and that is where our experienced and aggressive Houston personal injury lawyers come in.


Please contact us today to discuss your burn injury case and how we can help you.  Our compassionate, determined attorneys will work hard to make sure that your medical and future needs are taken care of.


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