Oil Boom in Midland and West Texas Leads to Increase in Oilfield Injuries

Midland is the birthplace of fracking, and thanks to the new technology, Midland County and other West Texas counties in the Permian Basin have seen an impressive boom in drilling and oilfield jobs in recent years. However, the downside to the oil boom is that there has been a steep increase in the number of oilfield accidents, injuries, and deaths as more and more workers join the oilfield workforce and the Texas oil industry grows.

Texas Is Home to Many Major Oilfields and Energy-Industry Employers

Once-small towns in the Permian Basin region have grown into sprawling cities in the few years since fracking turned the area into an energy-industry hotspot. At this point in time, the Spraberry/Wolfcamp oilfield is the largest in the United States, exceeding the size of the Bakken and Eagle Ford Shales combined. However, Texas’ Permian Basin region is also home to a number of other large oilfields, including:

  • Slaughter
  • Levelland
  • Wasson
  • Yates
  • Seminole (San Andres)
  • Cowden, North
  • Salt Creek
  • Kelly-Snyder
  • McElroy

How Oilfield Workers Are Injured

While many Texas workers are thankful for the job opportunities that have come with the oil boom, oilfield work is dangerous, and safety isn’t always the priority for employers hoping to maximize their profits. Pipeline explosions, electrical accidents, equipment failures, falls, and even vehicle accidents have been responsible for deaths or injuries on Texas oilfields, and many workers have gone on to pursue compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and other financial damages. However, they aren’t always successful, even though it may seem obvious that dangerous oilfield conditions were to blame.

Getting Help If You or a Family Member Has Been Seriously Hurt on a Midland Oilfield

Oilfield workers and their families are often at the mercy of skilled legal teams, company representatives, and insurance personnel after an injury, and many are unaware that their rights may be at risk. For more information about getting compensation and avoiding mistakes after an oilfield injury, reach out to our experienced Houston injury team today, or request your free copy of our book, How to Win Your Injury Case.


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