Injured In A Megabus Crash? Here Are Some Tips On How To Deal With Coach USA Claims Representatives

The Megabus coach line is part of the Coach USA bus company.  This is a very large bus company, with over 18 million customers in North America.

Our experienced law firm handles bus accident cases nationwide, and we have handled many cases against Megabus and Coach USA.  As a result, we are very familiar with how Coach USA operates after a Megabus is involved in a crash.

If you have been injured in a Megabus accident, here's what you need to know:

  • Coach USA claims representatives are not on your side.  In fact, they are against you.  Their only job is to defeat or minimize your claim.  They may seem friendly and professional, but they are trained to do that so you will more likely fall for their tricks.
  • Megabus adjusters will ask for your "recorded statement."  Don't do it.  They will twist your words and use it against you when you try to obtain compensation on your claim.
  • Coach USA claims representatives will ask you to fill out various forms, including medical authorizations, employment forms, and maybe a release.  Do not fall for this trick.  You could very well sign away your valuable legal rights by signing these bus company forms.  The company prepares these forms, and they are set up to be used against you if you sign them.
  • Megabus or Coach USA will offer you money to settle your claim.  They usually do this very soon after the bus accident.  This is a "low ball" offer, and they hope you accept it.  They know your claim is truly worth much more than their offer, but they hope you take the "low ball" offer.  If you do, you will never be able to go back and try to recovery more money on your claim.  Do not accept these early offers.
  • As a passenger on a bus, you have a very strong claim.  This is because bus companies are held to the "common carrier" rule.  This essentially means the bus companies and drivers must be extra careful in operating their business.
  • Your claim is also strengthened because Megabus must follow strict bus safety rules set out in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. If you can show any of these bus regulations were violated by Megabus, you will have an even stronger claim.
  • The Megabus you were riding in probably did not have seat belts.  If you were injured more severely due to this lack of a seat belt, you will have a claim based on Coach USA's decision not to equip its bus with seat belts.
  • If you decide to hire a lawyer for your Megabus crash claim, be selective.  Make sure you talk to lawyers who have experience handling bus accident claims.  Click here for an example of the types of credentials you should be seeking.

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