Celebrating the Holidays With a Brain-Injured Loved One

When a family member suffers a traumatic brain injury it is very important to maintain a routine to provide comfort and consistency.

Everything changes when a family member suffers a traumatic brain injury. Celebrating holidays with a brain-injured family member adds new stresses. But, with some accommodations, everyone can make the most of the season.

Understand the limits of the brain-injured person.

Family members must recognize that a brain-injured person will likely be unable to do everything they could previously do. The family needs to adjust its expectations. And, of course, you should let the brain-injured person know that it is okay to take it easy. A brain-injured person should not feel pressure from his family to do more than he is capable of doing.

Family members should only attend parties for short time periods and limit their commitments. Loved ones must also recognize when the brain-injured person is done with a particular activity or event and make a quick exit.

Help the brain-injured family member do what she wants to do.

Even though a brain-injured person may need to limit certain activities, many brain-injured people still want to participate in holiday activities. Help make it happen! If buying gifts overwhelms the brain-injured person, help her make decisions and assist her with online ordering. If she wants to bake cookies, spend an afternoon in the kitchen with her. If she wants to volunteer at a food bank, find a way for her to do so.

Maintain a routine.

A brain-injured person needs to continue to do the things that aid the person’s recovery. Changes in schedules can throw a person off. Try to maintain a consistent routine and keep your loved one doing the things that aid in her recovery.

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