Learning to walk again after a traumatic brain injury

After a traumatic brain injury (TBI), Texas accident victims often have to relearn basic skills that the rest of take for granted.  One skill that is so very important but so very difficult for some TBI victims is walking.

Learning to walk again is more complicated than it might seem to somebody who has never dealt with brain injuries. Several different areas of the brain contribute to the skill of walking, and injury to one or more of these areas can be devastating.  It can take months or even years for TBI accident victims to learn to walk again, however recovery time can be shortened with the right therapy from the right provider. 

Getting Back Your Gait 

Your gait is the way you walk – the pattern and rhythm of footfalls that allow you to move forward in a smooth, safe manner.  After a TBI, you may have trouble with the timing and length of your steps.  This can make you more likely to fall and injure yourself.  Therapies that train you to walk in an even, rhythmic manner will help you preserve your independence.

Returning to a normal gait can be very challenging if you are experiencing muscle weakness, pain in your legs or back, or if one limb is shorter than another.  Intensive, directed rehabilitation from a qualified physical therapist can help. 

Locomotion Training 

Neurological diseases and injuries can impair your ability to walk over normal ground.  After suffering a traumatic brain injury that impairs your gait, you may need locomotion therapy to help you improve your over-ground walking function.  Specialized rehabilitation devices and therapists are available right here in Houston, making recovery easier for local brain injury victims.

Get the Help You Need After a TBI

We know how hard it can be to get your life back after a brain injury, especially if you have to relearn basic skills like walking.  Talking to an attorney after a devastating accident that leads to a TBI can ensure that you get the compensation you need to pay for your current and future medical care and rehabilitation costs.  To get help with your brain injury case in Texas, call us now at 877.724.7800. 

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