VB Lawyers File Rigger's Jones Act Lawsuit Against Top Coat and Neches-Gulf Marine


A rigger was employed by Top Coat, an offshore fabrication and construction company based in Freeport, Texas, to perform rigging duties on the work boat "San Jacinto."  The work boat was off the coast of Freeport, tied off to an offshore oil rig owned by Merritt.  The work boat was owned and operated by Neches-Gulf Marine.

While performing a welding job, the rigger was thrown to the deck of the boat, sustaining multiple injuries, including a lacerated spleen, internal bleeding, broken ribs, and various orthopedic injuries.  He was taken to Brazos Memorial Regional hospital where emergency surgery was performed.

The companies denied the rigger's claim, and he hired the Houston Jones Act Lawyers at VB Attorneys to help him.  VB lawyers filed a Jones Act Lawsuit in Jefferson County, Texas, where one of the companies is based.  The lawsuit seeks proper compensation for the pipe fitter's claims for maintenance and cure, as well as for the companies' negligence.

Vuk Stevan Vujasinovic
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