Houston VB Attorneys Settle Work Injury Lawsuit Against Johnson Controls, Inc.

Johnson Controls, Inc. is a global corporation heavily involved in the building, automotive and airport operation industries.  Johnson Controls manufactured a plastic blow molding machine that Reynaldo was working with in 1998.  Reynaldo was trying to ensure there was no plastic left in the molds when the machine engaged and closed on his hand, severely injuring his hand.  The injuries required the worker's hand to be amputated.

The injured worker hired Houston Work Injury Attorney Vuk Vujasinovic to help him.  Mr. Vujasinovic filed a lawsuit against Johnson Controls in Harris County, Texas.  Mr. Vujasinovic hired multiple product and work safety experts, obtained documentation from the company, and questioned various company witnesses in depositions.  Through this work, Mr. Vujasinovic proved the plastic blow molding machine was defective because it lacked appropriate guarding devices.  If these guards had been in place, Reynaldo would not have been injured.  Various product standards supported the defect claims, including Standard B151.15-1985 of the American National Standards Institute, Inc.

After much work on the case, Mr. Vujasinovic forced the company to pay a confidential settlement to the injured worker.

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