Construction Workers Sometimes Have to Fight to Get Fair Compensation After Injuries

Texas offers many opportunities for construction workers and those in related professions, but there are serious risks involved—and not all employers are ready to pay the price of an injury. Whether you work in steel, concrete, stone, or piping, you could be facing a fight to get the compensation you need after getting injured while you’re on the clock.

Many Dangers for Workers at Construction Sites

Although many regulations exist that aim to protect construction workers in the state and around the nation, many employers in the construction industry do not take safety, training, and maintenance seriously. These oversights can lead to serious injuries in an already-dangerous workplace, including the following common injuries:

  • Crush injuries and broken bones
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Head and brain injuries
  • Injury to the spine, whether sudden or over time
  • Injury to knees and other joints, whether sudden or over time
  • Injuries due to twisting, bending, or improper lifting
  • Injuries from slips, trips, and falls

Companies Don’t Always Take Care of Injured Construction Workers Without a Fight

Construction companies and contractors may hope to minimize the costs of an accident or injury, and these employers and their insurance companies sometimes make it very difficult for injured workers to get the help they need and the compensation that will pay for their recovery. When big companies with experienced legal teams set out to minimize an individual worker’s claim, it may seem futile or impossible to try to fight back or even be treated fairly. However, it is possible—with the right help.

Getting Help After You Have Been Hurt at Work

If your employer or the insurance company is forcing you to fight for your rights to compensation, it’s time to bring in legal help of your own. Our friendly Houston legal team has helped injured construction workers across the state of Texas, and we would be happy to provide free, no-obligation answers to your questions. To learn more, simply give us a call or fill out the confidential contact form on this page.

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