Most Oil Rig Injuries Go Completely Unnoticed by the Public

Hurricane caused your oil rig injuries? You can probably be compensated for them.

The Gulf of Mexico is littered with oil rigs and platforms, many of them situated near the Texas coastline. The only time you ever hear about a mishap on these rigs is when the damage and casualties are catastrophic—witness the international coverage of the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill. But the fact is that accidents happen all the time on oil platforms, and the injured workers (ignored by the press) usually have no recourse but to file for damages under the Jones Act.

Most Oil Rig Accidents Go Completely Unnoticed

Oil platforms are like floating cities, separated from the mainland by dozens or even hundreds of miles, accessible only by ship, and populated by hundreds of workers who need housing, food, and the other infrastructures required to survive in a hostile environment for months at a time. The employees on an oil rig can potentially be injured by:

  • Improperly secured or maintained equipment
  • Hostile weather conditions (hurricanes, storm surges, extreme wind gusts)
  • Falls over the deck, or from structures high atop the rig
  • ”Ordinary” occurrences like slips and falls, food poisoning, or infectious diseases
  • Catastrophic equipment failure (such as the one that destroyed the Deepwater Horizon)
  • A lack of training in the use of the rig's equipment
  • Fights or tussles with other crew members

You Can Collect Damages for Your Oil Rig Injury

If you have been injured on an oil platform, you can't count on the mainstream press to publicize your plight and shame your employer into making you whole for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and time off from work. Your best recourse is to file a claim under the Jones Act, for which you'll need an experienced Jones Act and maritime law expert from VB Attorneys. Questions? Call us today at 877-724-7800 for a free consultation!

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