Major Offshore Companies Deal With Lawsuits All the Time: Are You Prepared to Pursue Your Jones Act Claim?

number of lawsuits against offshore companies

Many offshore workers believe their employers will take care of them if they are ever injured on the job, but many are disappointed to find out that employers do not have their best interests in mind after an accident or injury. Instead of quickly getting the help they need to recover, injured offshore workers find themselves overwhelmed with a complicated legal process.

If your employer is more interested in protecting its own bottom line rather than helping you get the care you deserve, how can you ever hope to stand a chance with your injury claim? It’s a question too many injured offshore workers are forced to ask.

Major Offshore Companies Are Ready To Defend Against Jones Act Claims

Major offshore companies defend against individual lawsuits all the time. As an example, not counting class actions, there have been 910 lawsuits against just BP and its subsidiaries since August 5, 2003.

As you can see, lawsuits aren’t exactly rare, and you can be sure that major offshore companies know how to defend themselves against claims from injured offshore workers. In fact, it’s likely tha your employer and its legal team started taking action to defend the company and minimize the potential impact of your claim immediately after you were hurt—just in case.

You Need An Experienced Jones Act Lawyer on Your Side

You can safely assume that most major offshore companies have a vast team of dozens of attorneys—sometimes 100 or more—who deal with Jones Act claims all the time and have vast experience defeating those claims. As an injured individual who is dealing with the Jones Act claim process for the first time, you are at an obvious disadvantage.

Fortunately, when you hire an experienced Jones Act attorney to represent you, what you’re really getting is access to the knowledge, experience, skills, and resources that will help you level the playing field against these huge companies, making it more likely that you will get the compensation and care you deserve.

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