Houston Truck Wreck Attorney: What to Bring to Your Case Consultation

If you have been injured in a truck accident there are documents you need to bring to your initial consultation. One of them being your insurance policy.

After getting injured in a truck accident, you probably scheduled an appointment to meet with a Houston accident attorney. To help your attorney better understand your situation, you should take some key documents with you to the meeting.

Documents to bring to an initial consultation with an accident attorney include:

  • Your insurance policy, proof of payment, and any correspondence with your insurer. Your attorney will want to know what sort of insurance coverage you have, and to verify that you are current on your insurance payments. The attorney will also want copies of any documents or correspondence that have been exchanged between you and the insurance company.
  • Information you received at the accident scene from the truck driver and/or any other involved parties. If your injuries didn’t prevent you from doing so, you likely wrote down the truck driver’s name, employer, insurance information, and other details. This information, as well as the contact information for any other involved parties or witnesses, should be given to your attorney.
  • Information provided to you by the police. The officers called to the accident scene likely wrote an accident report. Provide a copy of this report to your attorney. Sometimes, police issue tickets to drivers at the scene of an accident. If you received a ticket that day, give a copy to your attorney.
  • Photographs.  If you took pictures of your car, the scene, your injuries, or anything else related to the accident, share these pictures with your attorney.
  • Medical records. Most people who are involved in collisions with commercial trucks suffer serious injuries. You probably received medical treatment for your injuries. Give your attorney copies of your medical records or authorize your attorney to get the records directly from your doctors.
  • Information regarding lost wages. Many people who are seriously hurt in truck accidents cannot return to work for an extended period of time. If you have records indicating that you were unable to report to work and that you lost wages as a consequence, provide that information to your attorney.

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