5 Things Your Family Can Do to Avoid a Drunk-Driving Crash in Texas

Don't Drink and Drive

It seems as if summer is endlessly full of sunny days, cold drinks, and fine weather. Whether you’re setting off for the beach house or going up the street to your annual family reunion, you should be aware that this isn’t just a prime season for grilling; it’s also a peak time for alcohol-related car accidents.

Our experienced Texas injury attorneys don’t want to frighten anyone, and we don’t mean to suggest that you should spend your summer indoors. We would rather that you be aware of the dangers and take extra precaution. Educating your family about road safety during the holidays is just like putting on sunscreen: a little prevention can go a long way.

Here are just a few ways you can reduce your family’s risk of a holiday DUI accident in Texas:

  • Count your glasses. If you’re the one driving home, keep it to one glass and leave plenty of time to sober up before leaving. If you overdo it, call a friend or get a taxi. There is never a reason that you “have” to drink and drive.
  • House party. Having your holiday shindig at a friend’s house (preferably one with beds to spare) is a good way to keep your guests off the road on a holiday night—a prime time for DUI crashes.
  • Be wary of ALL drivers. Act as if drunk drivers are driving all other cars on the road; give them plenty of room in front and behind your vehicle. 
  • Don’t let it be you. If you must drive the evening of a holiday, treat the journey like a trip through a war zone. Avoid highways, obey the speed limit, and be extra cautious at intersections.
  • Call it in. Always report any suspected drunk-driving activity to the police by calling 911. You could be saving your own life—and someone else’s—just around the corner.

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Vuk Stevan Vujasinovic
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