Did an Accident at Work Make Your Knee Injury Worse? You Still Have a Claim!

If you suffered an on-the-job knee injury in Texas, you’re not alone. Years of lifting, bending, and pulling heavy loads can put an incredible strain on an employee’s joints. One day, those bones and ligaments may simply buckle, leaving you to suffer a painful injury, hospital bills, and no way to work to pay for them.

How can this happen? It’s easy: insurance carriers don’t like to pay out on large injury claims—and that includes worker’s compensation. If you suffered an injury in the daily course of your work, such as repetitive strain or knee joint weakness, then another incident made it worse, insurance carriers can argue that you already had an injury and do not qualify for benefits.

This is what is called an intervening injury: a second injury that happens suddenly and extends the healing time of your condition. Although both injuries are a result of your work, your employer may twist the facts to suggest that neither injury is their fault, denying you the compensation you need for medical treatment, lost wages, and future disability benefits.

The settlement you receive in your Rent-a-Center work injury case can help you pay for your injury costs, including:

  • Extended treatment. A second injury to your knee can undo the healing process you have gone through, forcing you to start your treatments over. This may include rehabilitation, surgery, or total immobility.
  • Healing complications. If an accident caused your sprained knee to fracture, your sprain may become infected, not heal properly, or require surgery.
  • Nerve damage. Victims who may have recovered from an initial injury may be put at risk of nerve damage, including permanent loss of feeling, numbness, or “pins and needles” in the affected leg.
  • Disability. A victim may be unable to perform his job or take similar work in the future if the intervening injury permanently affected his range of motion.

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