Will You Win a Settlement for Your Charter Bus Crash Injury? Here’s How to Tell.

If you have been hurt in a charter bus accident, you will need an experienced and thorough attorney fighting on your side. The driver will likely be protected by company lawyers, who are paid vast sums to protect the company from paying out bus accident settlements—and unlike those company lawyers, you’ve never done this before. 

So how can you choose an attorney with the best chance of getting you the help you need?

  • Check case results. See what kind of cases the attorney has handled before. Does he have experience winning complex injury cases? Had he ever taken on larger law firms, or only simple disputes between neighbors? These factors can make a difference in your case.
  • Call for a consultation. You can learn a lot about an attorney from the first phone call. Before you make a face-to-face appointment, set up a consultation call with one of the firm’s attorneys. He should listen intently, answer your questions, give his honest legal opinion, and both the call and the consultation should be FREE. 
  • Read testimonials. Attorneys should value their client’s opinions, and welcome their input on their legal services. Check for client testimonials to find out your attorney’s strengths and weaknesses, and do an internet search for any off-the-radar ratings.
  • Make sure the firm takes a contingency fee. A good injury attorney will not take any money from you unless he wins your case. Contingency fees are legal fees that are paid with a percentage of your settlement, so if you don’t win your case, you pay the attorney nothing.

The experienced Texas injury attorneys at VB Attorneys have seen too many defeated looks on victims’ faces. They think that hiring a lawyer will be just another hassle, and they don’t need another person asking them for money. We know that you’ve been through enough: from the moment you walk through our door, your contact with us is always free.

Find out how good it feels to have someone on your side. Call VB Attorneys at (877) 724-7800 today to get a FREE case evaluation. We can also send you a FREE copy of our special report, Top 10 RED FLAGS on Attorney Websites That Tell You Who NOT To Hire, when you fill out the form on this page.

Vuk Stevan Vujasinovic
Experienced Injury Lawyer. First Generation American. Life-Long Texan. Husband. Father.