Houston drivers near the top of national road rage survey

Depending on how you feel about Houston drivers, the results of a road rage survey conducted this summer may surprise you – or may confirm your feelings about angry and aggressive Texas drivers.


Houston drivers landed the city at eighth on the list of cities with the most road rage.  Last year Houston came in at the 11th least courteous city for road rage, so according to those participating in the survey local drivers have gotten a little worse.  Another Texas city – Dallas – was further up on the list, at number two (last year Dallas was ninth on the list, so this is quite a change).


Why is road rage such a big deal?  Road rage includes angry and aggressive styles of driving.  Anger can induce drivers to overreact or lose their tempers on the road, and aggressive drivers take risks when driving.  Aggressive driving includes dangerous behaviors like tailgating, abrupt lane changes, speeding and honking.  Road rage can also be triggered when drivers see distracted driving behaviors on the road, which include talking on cell phones behind the wheel, eating and driving, texting and driving, and more.


Anger, aggressive driving, and distracted driving can all lead to serious traffic accidents – and injuries and death for innocent motorists caught in the fray.  Both aggressive and distracted driving have garnered a lot of attention lately, as law enforcement officials try to get drivers to calm down and focus their attention on the road – instead of on their cell phones.


Houston also hit the top of the survey for some other dubious honors.  Local drivers tied with San Diego as the number one city where people see other drivers driving too fast every day.  Houston drivers also tied with Atlanta drivers to take third place on the list of cities where you’re most likely to see a driver multi-tasking (that’s a nice way of saying distracted driving).


Are you curious what other cities were ranked worse than Houston for road rage?  Here they are, starting with the least courteous city:

  1. New York
  2. Dallas/Ft. Worth
  3. Detroit
  4. Atlanta
  5. Minneapolis/St. Paul
  6. Phoenix
  7. Miami


There is no excuse for drivers who cause an accident because they weren’t paying attention to the road or because they were driving aggressively.  If you’ve been hurt by a negligent driver, then you deserve justice and fair compensation for your injuries.  To get help from a lawyer with your car or truck accident injury case, please contact the Law Office of VB Attorneys


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