Houston Truck or Car Accident? 5 Questions to Ask the Insurance Company

Unfortunately, Houston and the surrounding counties have one of the highest rates of truck accidents and car accidents in America.

Let's say you were involved in a serious truck or car accident in Houston or the surrounding area.  Chances are, the other driver will have insurance.  (In fact, insurance is required by law!).

If the accident is serious, the insurance company will likely have their entire team of investigators on the scene within minutes or hours.  We have seen cases where the insurance investigation team literally beats the police officers and ambulance drivers to the scene.

Why does the insurance company send a team to the scene so quickly?
  Simply put, to try in any way possible to minimize what they will pay the innocent injury victims.  The insurance company representatives are looking for evidence that will help them build up a case to not pay a fair settlement.

Often, the insurance company will make contact with the injured person or their family shortly thereafter.  The insurance representative will act like your best friend and do everything possible to convince you to settle out quickly.

This is an insurance company trick.  It's a game.  And they hold most of the cards.

So how do you get the upper hand?  How do you turn the tables on them?  Or at least figure out whether the insurance company is being straightforward and honest is what they say to you?

Try this.  Ask the insurance company representative the following 5 questions and see how they respond:

1.  What are the limits of insurance for the driver that caused the accident?

2.  Will you send me a letter in writing confirming that you have accepted full responsibility for the accident on behalf of your insured?

3.  Will you confirm in writing that you will pay all medical bills, lost wages, and at least that much in pain and suffering?

4.  Can I have a written admission from the driver that he or she is at fault?

5.  Will you send me a copy of the claims file so I can see what you really think about the accident?

The answers to this questions (if the insurance company agrees to answer them, which is highly unlikely) should give you an excellent idea about what the insurance company is really up to.
Vuk Stevan Vujasinovic
Experienced Injury Lawyer. First Generation American. Life-Long Texan. Husband. Father.