Houston Mechanical Truck Failure Lawyer discusses trucking rules designed to keep large trucks operating safely.

What are the rules on keeping large trucks in safe condition?

The trucking regulations have requirements designed to keep large trucks on our roads in a safe condition.  Part 396 of the trucking regulations contains requirements for inspection, repair and maintenance of trucks. 

How can mechanical problems cause truck accidents?

Trucking companies and their drivers must ensure that their equipment is in proper working condition.  If large trucks are not working properly, this can cause a host of safety issues.  If there are problems with one or more tires, the tire may blow and cause an accident.  If the load securing equipment is not working correctly, a load may shift and cause the truck to veer off the road, or the load may simply come off of the van or trailer. 

There are many additional ways in which mechanical problems can cause truck accidents, far too many to list here.  If you have questions about mechanical issues associated with the trucking industry, please contact us and our Houston Mechanical Truck Problem Attorneys and Houston 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers will help you. 
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