Texas Offshore Accidents Can Cause a Number of Work-Related Injuries

When you become the victim of a Texas petrochemical work accident, your life will be changed forever. These occupations are among the most dangerous in the world, and the injuries are often serious, life-altering, or even fatal.

Helix Energy Solutions Group accidents can occur in a number of ways, including:

  • Jack-Up Rig Accidents. A jack-up rig is a movable platform used for natural gas and oil drilling offshore. Workers are most commonly injured while being transported to and from the platform, but may also be involved in an accident due to defective equipment or negligence.
  • Oil Platform Accidents. Oil platforms are not only physically demanding environments, they also carry all the risks of a hazardous material worksite. High winds and outdoor exposure combined with the daily use of heavy machinery are seemingly perfect conditions for accidents to occur.
  • Crane Accidents. Crane collapses are unfortunately common on offshore worksites. Even further injuries are caused when workers are struck by swinging or falling objects, leading to broken bones or causing the worker to lose his footing.
  • Falls. Falls may be caused by a slippery deck, an unsecured safety harness, or a fall from a platform. 
  • Fires. Offshore rigs extract an enormous amount of highly combustible material—and the machines used to extract it run on the exact same fuel. A fire or explosion may spread quickly and prove deadly for a number of oil and gas employees.
  • Equipment Malfunction. Your employer has a duty to ensure that all equipment, including heavy machinery, structures, and safety equipment, is regularly maintained and functioning properly. A defective structure or equipment collapse can easily cause back injuries, paralysis, or loss of a limb.

As trusted Helix Energy Solutions accident attorneys, we know that victims of these types of accidents are likely to need an extensive amount of hospitalization to recover from their injuries. However, many such victims are afraid to take action against their employers, thinking it will hurt their chances of future employment. 

The experienced Texas injury lawyers at VB Attorneys know that such blackballing practices are illegal, and can help seriously injured victims get the compensation they deserve for their suffering. To get a free consultation on your case, call us today at (877) 724-7800.

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