Getting calls from Hal Hirschfield or H&H Claims Consultants after an on-the-job injury? Be careful what you say

Hal Hirschfield and the people at his company H&H Claims Consultants have over 125 years of collective experience helping insurance companies and employers with their injury and casualty claims.  

According to its website, H&H Claims Consulting provides a full array of services to its clients, which include insurance companies and major employers, including employers in the marine industry.

If you've been injured on the job, and you've been contacted by Mr. Hirschfield or a representative of his company, then you need to be very careful about what you say and do.  H&H Claims Consultants make their money by "adjusting" claims, which is a fancy way of saying they look for ways to minimize payments for injury cases.  

5 Ways H&H Claims Consultants Work to Minimize Your Legal Rights

  1. They get a recorded statement from you before you have your own attorney and when you are in a vulnerable time in your life.  If you've been hurt on the job, you are worried about your health and your financial future.  H&H Claims Consultants is concerned with potential legal liability for its customers, so the representatives will take steps to protect its customers, and one of those steps is taking a recorded statement before you have your own attorney and while you are in a vulnerable time in your life.
  2. H&H Claims Consultants will spy on you (also called "surveillance").  The only reason anyone would ever spy on you and videotape you is if they believe you may have legal rights.  Although it may seem like a massive invasion of your privacy, if you've been hurt on the job then you can count on H&H Claims Consultants trying to spy on you and "catch" you doing things you say you can't do.
  3. H&H Claims Consultants will schedule your doctor appointments.  While this may at first seem helpful, you need to think about the relationships that H&H has with medical facilities and doctors, and whether you are comfortable seeing medical doctors who have a prior relationship with your employer, the insurance companies, or H&H.  Do these doctors have your best interests in mind?
  4. H&H will conduct a background investigation on you.  After you've agreed to "sign their forms," H&H will run searches of databases and perform other types of investigations to find information in your background that may help protect the insurance company.  Although a prior automobile crash or arrest may not seem related to your injury case, H&H will try to dig up enough "dirt" to hurt your legal claims.
  5. H&H will investigate your on the job injury.  If H&H is involved, then you can be almost certain that H&H will be taking statements, photographs, interviewing witnesses, and taking other steps to protect its customers while you are visiting doctors and worrying about your financial and job security.  

What You Should Do If You Are Contact by Hal Hirschfield or H&H Claims Consultants

First, you should visit the H&H Claims Consultants website so you can understand exactly their role in injury cases. If you live along the Gulf Coast and were injured in the marine industry, then you must understand that H&H is actively working to protect its own clients, and not you.

Second, you should be extremely careful about giving any statements--written or recorded--or signing any papers. You are not required to give statements after an injury and you aren't required to sign forms either.  Giving statements or signing forms will not help your case and could hurt your legal rights.

Third, you should consider getting independent legal advice from an experienced attorney.  If H&H is involved, then that means your employer, or its insurance company, or both, believe that there is legal exposure.  That's why they call in H&H Claims Consultants, and these individuals are experts at minimizing legal exposure.

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