Advice for New Amputees: Getting Your Life Back after a Car Accident

If you’re reading this, you have likely experienced a traumatic accident that resulted in the loss of one of your limbs. The attorneys at VB Attorneys know that this is a difficult and painful time for you, especially if you are grappling with medical costs and, potentially, the loss of your job while adjusting to your new life.

However, all is not lost. The National Amputation Foundation outlines key ways to maintain your positivity and well-being while you recover, many of which come directly from recent amputees: American soldiers recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

The Foundation urges new amputees to remember these tips when they become frustrated, angry, or depressed by their injury:

  • Remember that the worst is temporary. The months just after your injury will be bad, but they will get better, day by day. It is important to maintain a positive attitude, no matter how overwhelmed you feel.
  • Learning to walk again requires mental strength. Your mental strength is just as important for healing as your physical strength—sometimes even more so. Your body won’t move at all if your mind won’t let it.
  • You are not alone. Rather than try to cope with your injury on your own, seek out other amputees for strength in numbers. There are many online resources that can lead you to local groups. 
  • Maintain your independence. Friends and family may rush to help you before you attempt to do something yourself. While they mean well, they must understand that you have to be able to take care of yourself. Find ways to adapt your living area to make your daily tasks possible.
  • Demand respect. Many amputees report being treated differently after the loss of a limb. Don’t allow anyone to treat you like an invalid; you may look slightly different, but you are still the same person.

The board-certified Texas injury attorneys at VB Attorneys would like to add a final piece of advice for those struggling financially after an amputation accident: get legal advice as soon as possible. While you may have to adapt to a new living situation, you should not be expected to pay for the costs of your injury—and you may be owed a settlement that could greatly improve your quality of life.

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Vuk Stevan Vujasinovic
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