Attorney Vuk Vujasinovic discusses the first lawsuit filed in Texas against Greyhound for the I-80 Greyhound bus crash filed by his law firm.

A young woman who was catastrophically injured when a Greyhound bus rear-ended an 18-wheeler on I-80 in central Pennsylvania is being represented by VB Attorneys. The law firm has filed a lawsuit against Greyhound in Dallas County, Texas, where Greyhound maintains its corporate offices. Attorney Vuk Vujasinovic is lead counsel on this case.

"This is the first lawsuit that has been filed against Greyhound in Texas for the crash in Pennsylvania," said Vujasinovic. "We are conducting an independent investigation, including expert analysis of the crash scene. We are working on obtaining copies of the police investigation as well. This was a horrible crash causing so many serious injuries, and our firm is going to take the lead on handling these cases and holding the responsible parties accountable for what happened."

"In the Petition we filed in Dallas County, we are seeking in excess of $1,000,000 on behalf of our client," Vujasinovic stated. "We are being contacted by others who were injured when the bus crashed, and expect to consolidate all of our clients' cases in the near future. Because Greyhound's corporate headquarters are located in Texas where our law firm is based, we are well-positioned to handle these cases."

VB Attorneys has handled many bus accident cases against Greyhound, including a recent lawsuit that involved facts very similar to the I-80 crash. "We recently handled a case against Greyhound where their bus rear-ended an 18-wheeler on an Interstate in North Carolina, and we expect to face many of the same issues in the I-80 case that we faced in the North Carolina case," says Vujasinovic. "These bus crash cases share many of the same facts and legal issues, and we know exactly how Greyhound will try to defend against the I-80 case. We are going to use our inside information to our clients' advantage."

VB Attorneys has three lawyers (Vuk Vujasinovic, Brian Beckcom, and Curtis Bickers) who are Board Certified in Personal Injury Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Vujasinovic and his law partner, Brian Beckcom, have both achieved the highest possible AVVO ranking of "10."

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