Which Vehicles Have The Highest Incidence Of Rollover?

Although rollover crashes are not the most common type of accident, they are among the most deadly.  This is especially true for the occupants of light trucks and vans, such as pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), minivans, and full-size vans, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). According to 2003 data, only 3% of accidents involved rollover, but one-third of all traffic fatalities resulted from such accidents—10,376 deaths in all.

For 2003, passenger cars had the lowest fatality rate (23%), while SUVs had the highest (59%). One of the primary factors that determine a vehicle’s susceptibility to rollover is its static stability factor (SSF); the higher a vehicle’s SSF, the lower its risk of rollover. In recent months, following a 15-passenger van accident that left six people dead and eight injured in New York, media attention has shifted to high-occupancy vans. In response, a California injury lawyer wrote an article addressing safety issues with these vehicles, titled 15-Passenger Vans Have A High Risk Of Rollover Accidents.

AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety has composed a list of suggestions for reducing the risk of rollover. The organization advises to drive safely and to properly maintain your vehicle, such as:

  • Don’t speed, as it reduces your reaction time, which may lead to over-steering
  • Check tires regularly, making sure they are in good condition and adequately inflated 

Wearing a seat belt will significantly reduce an occupant’s risk of injury, explains experienced Houston accident attorney Brian Beckcom. Seventy-five percent of people killed in rollover crashes were not wearing seat belts, two-thirds of whom were ejected from the vehicle. Buckle up!

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