Escalators Can Be Dangerous And Even Deadly

This week we covered the story of a school field trip gone wrong: 20 students and chaperones were injured in a Dallas DART station when the escalator that they were on malfunctioned, throwing the passengers down to the bottom of the device. Seven children required treatment at a Texas hospital, while one child broke a leg in the accident.

Unfortunately, escalator accidents are far too common, especially for children. In fact according to a report by CBS News, about 10,000 people visit the emergency room each year due to injuries sustained while riding the escalator – and yet there are no federal laws requiring regular escalator inspections.

How do escalator accident take place? In many cases, a person’s shoe, shoelace, or a piece of clothing will become trapped in between steps, causing the person’s appendage to become sucked into the contraption. In other cases, a person might fall on the escalator, causing others to fall as they tumble down the staircase. In still other cases, nails and screws in the sides of the escalator can calls trips and falls.

How can we prevent escalator accidents?

•    Stand in the middle of the escalator, without touching the sides, but while firmly holding the rail.
•    Be aware of protruding nails or screws on the side of an escalator.
•    Look for missing teeth between the steps of an escalator – shoelaces or clothing can become trapped in the spaces.
•    Look for gaps between the escalator stairs and the sides of the escalator.
•    When riding an escalator with a child, have the child hold your hand and stand in the center of the escalator.
•    Before stepping onto an escalator with a child, be sure to check the child for untied shoelaces and loose clothing.
•    Never let your children play on escalator or run up a down escalator.
•    Never let your child sit down on an escalator.
•    If you doubt that an escalator is safe, look for a nearby elevator.

Have you or your child been injured in a Texas escalator accident? Speak to a Dallas personal injury attorney today.
Vuk Stevan Vujasinovic
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