(Not Your Typical Attorney) Disclaimer - No Legalese Here, Just Straight Talk

First, let's get the obvious items out of the way.  And let's do it with straight talk, not legalese: 

If you have not hired us by written agreement, then you are not our client.  If you are not our client, then we are not your attorney.  If we are not your attorney, then there is no attorney-client relationship between us.  If that's the case, then nothing on our website and nothing we communciate to you can be considered attorney-client legal communications.  Simple enough, right?

That being said, even if you are not our client, feel free to get answers to your questions and any other information you need right here on our website.  Thousands of people who are not our clients do that every month.

Vuk Stevan Vujasinovic
Experienced Injury Lawyer. First Generation American. Life-Long Texan. Husband. Father.