An Experienced Attorney Can Uncover Important Details and Surprising Options After a Work Injury

Vuk inspecting the site of a work accidentWhen you try to negotiate a work injury claim on your own, it’s easy to hit an impasse or find yourself backed into a corner where you feel like you have to accept an offer that’s too low. While it’s difficult for an individual without legal experience to push ahead and get the most out of a work injury claim, a skilled attorney can thoroughly dig into the details of your case and offer informed guidance that may be impossible to find on your own.

How Our Houston Legal Team Digs Deep Into the Details of Your Work Injury Claim

While we can’t speak for every attorney, we can talk about how we work with our own clients. We aim to provide full-service solutions for injured workers, and we are willing to investigate even the smallest details that might help give you a stronger case. For example, while looking into your case, our motivated legal team will often:

  • Come to the location of your work accident to investigate potential causes and contributing factors. Even straightforward work injury claims can benefit from the kind of hard evidence that comes from having a legal ally investigating and researching what caused your accident and why it happened. When needed, our legal team will arrive on site to support our clients and gather information. 
  • Call in expert witnesses to evaluate and confirm key evidence. One major benefit of working with an attorney is the access you gain to resources like expert witnesses, accident reconstruction, and other professional services, which can provide key evidence supporting your injury claim.
  • Test equipment and safety features for evidence of malfunction. Was faulty or poorly maintained equipment to blame for your accident at work? Our legal team can specifically investigate concerns about equipment and safety at your place of employment.  
  • Determine and explain exactly what your options are for pursuing compensation. The laws that cover injured workers in Texas can be very complicated, depending on the specific details of your case. An experienced attorney, however, can quickly identify the routes available to you for pursuing compensation and cover bases you may not have considered, such as third-party claims.

If You’re Faced With a Complicated Work Injury Claim, Don’t Forge Ahead Without the Information You Need

Individuals usually don’t have the legal expertise and experience required to pursue every legal option and build up the evidence needed to pursue maximum compensation after a work injury. However, the skilled eye of an attorney who has specific experience fighting for injured workers can quickly open clear and sometimes surprising avenues for reaching your goals. If you have been hurt, contact our Houston legal team directly for immediate assistance, or request more information by filling out the contact form on this page.

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