Dr. David S. Baskin -- "Sledgehammer" Testimony Obtained by Our Law Firm

My law partner, Brian Beckcom, took this video deposition of Dr. David S. Baskin in 2008.  Dr. David Baskin is a Houston neurosurgeon who is one of the "go to" doctors for insurance companies and large corporations.  These companies hire Dr. Baskin, and pay him handsomely, to testify that individuals who are claiming injuries are not really injured.  We have seen Dr. Baskin many times in injury lawsuits, and 100% of the time he is hired by these defense interests to challenge a person's claimed injury.  For an example of how hard Dr. Baskin will work to find no injury, please watch this video deposition.  Dr. Baskin testifies, essentially, that if someone is hit in the foot with a sledgehammer, he would look for "degeneration" in the foot to explain the pain!  This is not surprising, as 100% of the reports we have seen Dr. Baskin write say that someone has "degeneration" (as opposed to a traumatic injury).  Dr. Baskin even claimed in one case (in 2010) that our 25-year old client suffered from this age-related condition!  If you would like a copy of the entire video of this deposition, please contact us and ask for the "Baskin Sledgehammer Testimony."  If you would like a copy of the full transcript behind this video deposition, please contact us.
Vuk Stevan Vujasinovic
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