Dangerous Prescription Drugs and Birth Defect Risks

There was a time when doctors were prescribing anti-depressants to soon-to-be mothers. Since 1997, drugs like Paxil and Prozac were marketed to doctors as anti-depressants with few side effects on un-born children of pregnant women. We now know that these drugs can cause severe birth defects in children born to women who took them while they were pregnant.

Paxil Birth Defect Lawsuits

Some of the most common types of birth defects associated with Paxil include heart defects, such as Atrial Septal Defects (ASD) and Ventral Septal Defects (VSD), which involve holes in the walls of the heart. Another common condition associated with Paxil is Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn (PPHN), a circulatory condition that may lead to respiratory failure after birth.  Many other birth defects have been linked to Paxil.

In 2005, the Food and Drug Administration issued warnings about the birth defect risks associated with Paxil. In various lawsuits, evidence has been exposed that Paxil's manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline (Glaxo), was aware of the birth defect hazards associated with its drug as early as 1980, yet chose not to issue proper warnings which would have enabled consumers to make an informed choice about whether to use Paxil.

Glaxo has chosen not to recall Paxil. Instead, it has paid more than $2 billion to settle hundreds of Paxil birth defect lawsuits.  The average payment in settlement of a Paxil lawsuit is $1.2 million. 

Prozac Birth Defect Lawsuits

Similarly, lawsuits continue against Eli Lilly and Company based on the link between its anti-depressant drug Prozac and various birth defects. While Lilly has chosen not to recall the dangerous drug and has never divulged any dollar amounts paid in settlements to families affected by the impacts of Prozac, it is easily estimated to be billions of dollars.

Was Your Child Born With a Birth Defect Caused By a Prescription Drug?

What can you do? First, you need to understand this: It’s not your fault.  It’s the single thing I hear from mothers over and over again.  It’s a feeling that is hard to avoid, but I am here to tell you again, it’s not your fault. The manufacturer of any medication has a legal responsibility to educate the healthcare professionals they are marketing to (your doctors) of the risks associated with them, all of the risks. They have a legal duty to label their products truthfully and completely.

You and your child are facing a lifetime of challenges ranging from emotional distress to what seems to be an ever-growing mountain of medical expenses.

We Will Fight For Your Legal Rights Against Negligent Drug Manufacturers

You have legal rights. Fighting for them will not be easy. You are facing some of the biggest companies in the world who have entire legal teams with what seems like hundreds of lawyers and insurance adjusters on their side. The fight is complicated and arduous. You need to do whatever it takes to build a team that will fight this battle for you. You need an attorney that is experienced and more importantly has a proven track record of winning cases like yours.

The experienced attorneys at VB Attorneys are ready to fight for you and your family.  We have years of experience with cases just like yours, stretching across the entire nation. 

Free Case Review

If you would like us to review your claim, please contact us. If we accept your case, you will not owe anything unless and until you win compensation in your claim.  

In order to evaluate your claim, we will need the following information:

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  • What dosage did you take?
  • Did you take the prescribed drug during the first trimester of your pregnancy?
  • Did you take the prescribed drug after the 20th week of your pregnancy?
  • What medical condition(s) does your child have?
  • What is your child's current medical prognosis?
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