Crossland Construction Workers Suffer Numerous On-the-Job Injuries in Texas

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to tell you that Texas construction site accidents can cause debilitating injuries. Unfortunately, if you are an injured Crossland Construction worker, it may take a brain surgeon to put your life back together.

Here are just a few conditions that can cause construction employees to lose their ability to work:

  • Brain injuries such concussions, traumatic brain injuries or paralyzing spinal cord injuries 
  • Bodily injury caused by faulty equipment or lack of regular maintenance
  • Microfractures in the hands, fingers, feet and shoulders
  • Back injuries such as disc degeneration, broken backs or repetitive lifting injuries
  • Amputation or crushing of fingers, feet, arms or whole limbs
  • Burn injuries due to explosions, electrocution, chemical spills or smoke inhalation
  • Loss of sensation such as deafness, blindness, or permanent nerve damage in the extremities
  • Work environment injuries due to toxic exposure to chemicals, toxins or other poisonous material

Our Crossland Construction injury attorneys know that construction workers have threefold difficulties when they experience a work injury in Texas. First, they must suffer a painful stay in a hospital, undergoing surgical procedures and a lengthy physical recovery. Next, they will incur significant medical costs as a result of their injuries. Finally, they will likely be unable to return to work, suffering a loss of earning capacity that may result in an inability to provide for their families.

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