Could My Texas Truck Accident Have Caused PTSD?

Most people would expect to suffer a debilitating, even fatal physical injury as a result of an Allied Van Lines semi accident. But many of these victims suffer something they never considered: psychological trauma that prevents them from working, sleeping, or living a normal life.

Roughly 10% of Texas 18-wheeler accident victims will suffer psychiatric injuries, many without even realizing it. Victims may feel tired, irritable, or uncomfortable in social situations, suffering in silence and hoping to one day “snap out of it.” Unfortunately, those who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after a semi crash are unlikely to get better on their own, sacrificing personal relationships and work productivity as a result of a condition they cannot control.

You may be suffering a psychiatric injury in Texas if you:

  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Are unable to talk about the accident
  • Have panic attacks or extreme nausea when you think about the crash
  • Have flashbacks or nightmares about the accident
  • Have been snappish or short-tempered since the accident
  • Avoid television, loud noises or social situations
  • Cannot relax or sit still
  • Have problems with anxiety
  • Are afraid to drive or ride in a vehicle
  • Have turned to drugs or alcohol to “escape”
  • Are afraid to leave the house or be alone

While these problems are not physically painful, they can still cause extreme suffering for the victims, and require expensive psychological treatment to overcome. At VB Attorneys, our Allied truck crash attorneys can help you through this difficult time by helping you get the funds you need to get your life back together.

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