Study: Construction Workers Most At Risk For Traumatic Brain Injuries

A new study has determined that of all of the sectors of the United State workforce, construction workers have the highest risk of suffering from a traumatic brain injury while on the job. While farmers, forestry workers, and fisherman rounded out the top four most dangerous occupations for head injury accidents, those who work on construction sites were significantly more likely to suffer a head injury than those in other fields.

The University of California study, which examined worker injury data throughout the past ten years and which will be published next month in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, found that the leading causes of construction accident traumatic brain injuries were:

•    Traffic accidents and motor vehicle accidents
•    Fall accidents
•    Equipment accidents
•    Contact with heavy object accidents
•    Physical violence (such as assaults)

The study also found that head injury victims were overwhelmingly male and that head injury victims were most likely 65 years old or older. The latter statistic is perhaps the most interesting – it could suggest that older construction workers are more susceptible to head injuries than other workers or that the construction workforce as a whole is becoming older as baby boomers age.

What can we do as a country to make construction workers safer while on the job? Safety advocates suggest that drivers should be especially careful when traveling through road construction zones, where are large percentage of head injuries take place each year. In addition, we need to hold construction companies and contractors accountable for the safety of their workers, both by inspecting job sites and by punishing companies that violate state and federal worksite regulations.

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