Injured on the job in the offshore industry? Beware of Condon Claims Management representatives

Condon Claims Management is a UK-based claims management company which has made significant inroads in the U.S. managing claims for employers with employees who have been injured-on-the-job in the marine, offshore, and energy industry.

In fact, according to its website, Condon has offices in Houston and New Orleans to work "in unison" on its marine liability claims.

5 Reasons You Should Be Careful About What You Say to Condon Claims Representatives

  1. Condon works for the employer and insurance companies--not the injured worker.  You need to understand this simple truth.  Because Condon is paid by the insurance companies and the employers, its first priority will be to protect their interests, not yours.
  2. Condon has a team of highly specialized individuals who are "masters" at protecting the companies over the workers.  They know all the tricks of the trade and will do what it takes to lessen the value of your legal claims.
  3. Condon has global reach, and global resources, which allows its representatives to have a huge information advantage.  The old saying "information is power" applies; Condon will almost always have more access to information than you will.  (Find out here how you can level the playing field and arm yourself with information).
  4. Condon has handled hundreds or thousands of claims.  That means Condon's representatives will have a huge "experience" advantage over you.  In addition to having access to global resources and information, Condon has more experience working with injured employees and protecting the insurance companies from claims.
  5. Condon Claims' will leap into action immediately after an injury.  While you are being evacuated, getting medical treatment, and wondering about your future, Condon's representatives will be on the scene, taking statements, "adjusting" the loss (which is a fancy word for "lessening" the financial exposure), reviewing accident reports and physical evidence.  Condon has a huge "time" advantage over you because while you are worried about your medical situation and financial security, Condon can focus on protecting its customers.

What You Should Do If You Are Contacted By A Condon Claims Manager After An On-the-Job Injury

The first thing you should do is understand that you have entered a kind of "war zone."  If Condon Claims Management is involved in your case, then that means that an insurance company, or your employer, or both, have decided that there is the potential for legal liability.  And because there is a potential for legal liability, they have called in the "experts" at minimizing legal exposure.

The second thing you must understand is you are absolutely not required to give any kind of recorded statement or written statement.  In fact, by doing so you may be putting your legal rights at risk.  Condon will try to take the statement from you during a time when you aren't thinking clearly and in such a way that later on it makes it looks like your injuries are your fault, or no one's fault, thus making it more difficult to prove your claims.

The final thing you should strongly consider is calling an experienced attorney to give you a free, confidential case evaluation.  If Condon Claims is involved in your situation, then it is almost certain that company lawyers are involved too.  So not only are you up  against an insurance company and a claims management company with global reach like Condon, you'll also be up against company lawyers.

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