Suffering from a herniated disk injury after a Texas car wreck? Let our Houston injury attorneys help.

If you are like many Texas accident victims, the pain of the accident itself isn’t the end of your suffering.  Injuries can cause short-term and long-term pain, invasive and expensive medical treatments, and can affect your ability to work and support your family.  This is especially true for herniated disk injuries.


The many challenges you can face after suffering a serious spinal cord injury in an accident means you need fair compensation so you can pay your medical bills and protect yourself in the face of an uncertain future.  This is where a skilled attorney with proven experience working with spinal cord injury victims can help.


Why are herniated disk injuries so serious?


To understand why herniated disk injuries can cause suffering and permanent, long-term damage, you have to understand the importance that spinal cord disks play.  These disks are pads located between spinal vertebrae, and they help your spinal column move and support you.  If you suffer from a back injury in an accident, the fibers and muscles that hold these disks in place can be damaged, causing the disks to swell and push through their protective binding.


This explanation may sound simple, but make no mistake – herniated disks can cause extreme pain, discomfort and suffering.  However, despite the pain some accident victims may actually put off going to the doctor, believing that the pain is normal after an accident and it will resolve itself.  Unfortunately, this isn’t true – and putting off a visit to the doctor for a herniated disk injury may lead to permanent damage.


Do not put off treatment for a herniated disk


It is very important that you see a doctor of your own choosing after an accident.  Even if you think “it’s probably nothing” – a visit is still in order.  This is for two reasons.  One, you may have a serious injury that you don’t know about, and any delay in treatment may cause further damage.  Two, if you find out later that you were hurt and you try to make an insurance claim, the insurance company may deny your claim because you didn’t see a doctor right after your accident.


Worried about paying medical bills for a herniated disk injury?


Please contact our office if you are worried about your medical bills after an accident.  If somebody else was responsible for your injuries, then you may be able to get compensation that will pay for your medical bills and other current and future problems.  We’ll go over your situation with you for no cost or obligation, and tell you whether or not we can help you.


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