The Jones Act Is an Enduring Target of Deregulators

As the old saying goes, the business of America is business—and anything that interferes with business (and turning a comfortable profit) tends to be looked on suspiciously by manufacturers, industrialists, and shipping companies. That's why the Jones Act, which allows injured seamen and dockworkers to collect compensation for their on-the-job injuries, is anything but secure from interference by Congress, even though it has been in effect for nearly a hundred years!

For Many Shipping Companies, “Regulation” Is a Dirty Word

We live in a time when workers' rights are being eroded as never before, thanks to deregulation initiatives that (despite what these parties will tell you) have been pursued by Democrats and Republicans alike. In the eyes of big-business advocates, regulations like the Jones Act have the effect of:

  • Encouraging maritime workers to file false injury claims, or malinger before they get back to work
  • Draining money from company coffers to the pockets of employees, in whatever amounts, to an under-the-table income transfer
  • Making American maritime workers less competitive than their overseas counterparts, since employers are on the hook for more money
  • Encouraging a culture of litigation, in which employees spend more time scheming about collecting settlements than actually working
  • Overly coddling maritime employees who should be manly enough to just “get over” their injuries and get back to work

The Jones Act Is Vital for Protecting the Rights of Maritime Workers

If you are a seaman, sailor, or dockworker who has been injured on the job, you have no recourse but to sue for damages under the Jones Act and hope that the majority of your medical bills and time off from work will be covered. And if the Jones Act is tampered with by deregulators? Well, you may have no choice but to grit your teeth, pay your own medical bills, and get back to work as soon as possible. To learn more about your rights under the Jones Act, contact the Houston Jones Act lawyers at V&B Attorneys (877-724-7800) for a free consultation today!

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