Information has recently surfaced that the "Screamer Siren" bird repellant pyrotechnics product supplied by "Reed-Joseph" is defective and could cause serious burn injuries.

Screamer Siren

Our Houston, Texas Defective Product Lawyers have information that the "Screamer Siren" bird repellant / control product is defective and hazardous, and could cause serious burn injuries, even if used properly. 

We represent a person who recently sustained serious burn injuries while properly using this product.  This product is a cartridge designed to be placed in a flare gun which is then fired (one type of flare gun used to fire the "Screamer Siren" cartridge is the "Model RJ 1 Scare-Away Launcher").

A company called "Reed-Joseph," based in Greenville, Mississippi, distributes the "Screamer Siren" as well as another bird and wildlife control cartridge, called the "Bird Banger." 

One purpose of litigation against the manufacturers and suppliers of this product is to remove this product from the hands of consumers and ensure the product is not re-distributed until it is made safe.

If you have any information relating to accidents or near-accidents involving the "Screamer Siren," "Bird Banger" or any other product supplied by Reed-Joseph, please contact us so we may use the information towards this safety purpose.  Thank you.

Screamer Siren flares
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