How to Stop a Cypress Road Rage Accident Before It Happens

The worst happened; one minute you were driving home, and the next you were in a car accident. Your car was badly damaged, and you’re in pain—but you’re alive. Many people in your situation would be scared, but relieved that the worst is over.

Unfortunately, if a road-rage driver caused your accident, the accident is just the beginning.

It’s not uncommon for victims of aggressive driving accidents in Cypress to be met with hostility, accusations of blame, and even violence after the crash. Heightened emotions such as fear can easily turn to anger, increasing the odds of a victim suffering injuries from a physical attack, in addition to the effects of the crash.

Our experienced Texas injury attorneys want the roads to remain as safe as possible, so we encourage all drivers to know the warning signs of aggressive driving. These may include:

  • Risky behavior. If a driver frequently changes lanes, cuts across multiple lanes of traffic at once, or does not signal his movements, steer clear.
  • Avoiding braking. Aggressive drivers will often avoid using the brake or brake far too late when approaching road hazards, including red lights or stopped traffic. 
  • Impatience. Most aggressive drivers appear to be in a hurry. They may be speeding, honking, or tailgating cars in order to get them to go faster.
  • Tense body language, such as leaning over the steering wheel, yelling at other drivers, or gesturing wildly with one or both arms.
  • Poor judgment, including running red lights, honking at trucks and larger vehicles, and following other cars too closely.

If you believe that an aggressive driver caused your Cypress car crash injury, we can help. Many of these actions are illegal and can greatly affect the extent of your injury—which, in turn, affects the amount you could receive for your medical bills and loss of income.

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