Increased Risk for Boat Accidents During “100 Deadliest Days” of Summer

The summer months, from May to August, have been dubbed the “100 deadliest days” for accidents by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration—and that goes for those who operate vehicles on the road and on the water. The tragic news of a recent fatal boat accident on Lake Conroe only highlights the reality of these risks, and it’s important that boaters are alert and aware as the warm weather brings more boats out on the water.

Summer Brings Increased Risks for Boat Operators and Passengers

Warm weather, summer holidays, and vacation time means that more people are out on the water enjoying fishing, swimming, or just a sunny day on the lake or coast. Unfortunately, more boats on the water means that there is also an increased risk of running into boaters who are:

  • Inexperienced. Many novice boaters cause accidents because they are simply not ready for the reality of operating a boat in busy waters. Whether they forget a drain plug, go too fast for the weather conditions, or don’t understand the rules of the water, their inexperience can create unnecessary risks.
  • Unprepared. Even experienced boaters make mistakes or forget a few important details. Check for problems before you leave land, and make sure everything is stocked up, repaired, and prepared.
  • Intoxicated. Operating a boat while intoxicated is just like driving while intoxicated. Anyone who takes a boat out on the water while under the influence puts lives at risk.
  • Reckless. No matter what the reason for the mistake is, boaters who operate recklessly or don’t pay attention create a hazard for themselves, their passengers, and everyone around them.

Before you get out on the water this year, take the time to inspect your boat, perform necessary maintenance, and be sure you have everything in order to enjoy a safe summer.

Experience Matters After You or a Family Member Has Been Injured in a Boating Accident

After a boating accident or collision, there are often complicated legal details to work out to make sure that medical bills are paid and damages are rectified. Our Houston legal team has experience getting results for victims of tragic boating accidents, and we would be happy to answer your questions and explain your options if you’ve found yourself in need of help. For more information, simply call or email us today.

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