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IVC filter lawsuits are being filed to hold negligent companies accountable

While IVC filters have been in use since 1979, the newer generation of these devices have a different design that allows them to be retrievable by surgeons. This newer generation of inferior vena cava filters, including the Bard Recovery, Bard G2, Gunther Tulip, and Cook Celect, have been shown to puncture the walls of patients’ inferior vena cavas within 71 days of placement. Experts suggest over 50% of all these retrievable filters will fail over the course of five years. In the one year the Bard Recovery filter was sold, twenty-seven people died because of the filter.

If you have an IVC filter, or a loved one has an IVC filter, you may qualify for compensation. Thousands of patients have sued Bard, Gunther, Cook, and other manufacturers of these devices, arguing that the companies knew the filters were dangerous and sold them anyway. As people discover they have a defective filter or experience complications because of a failing filter, they are filing lawsuits. Don’t wait to consult an attorney about your filter. Even if you aren’t showing symptoms of any of the common IVC filter complications yet, you may still have been implanted with a faulty filter.

Manufacturers are responsible for making sure their IVC filters are safe

Of the thousands of lawsuits that have been filed, one recently went to trial where the jury reached a verdict. On March 30, 2018, a jury in Phoenix, Arizona, found C.R. Bard responsible for failing to warn the public about the dangers of their IVC filters and awarded the plaintiff, Ms. Booker, $3.6 million. The Bard G2 filter implanted in Ms. Booker broke apart, sending metal fragments into her heart. Unfortunately, thousands of people have a similar story as Ms. Booker.

An NBC News report documents that approximately 250,000 people in the United States are implanted with IVC filters each year. Bard and the other blood clot filter manufacturers sold these filters to hundreds of thousands of people despite internal research showing the filters had a high rate of failure. An Ohio State study concluded that IVC filters fail in over 44% of patients. Bard has sold more than 160,000 of these filters. The company makes approximately $3 billion a year in revenue and currently sells a different model of retrievable filter. These retrievable filters represented 75% of the market in 2012. That number has continued to rise. Millions of people in the United States have had these retrievable IVC filters implanted since 1999. It is estimated that the market for these filters will be worth close to $320 million in several years.

If you have an IVC filter, seek help immediately

If you have been implanted with a retrievable inferior vena cava filter, take these steps right away:

  • Consult your doctor. Your doctor will be able to review your medical records and determine the exact make of your filter. They will also be able to run tests to determine if your filter is faulty. If you do have a faulty filter, they will be able to document and treat your symptoms and refer you to a specialist to have it removed. Your doctor needs to be your first call as soon as you think you may have a dangerous IVC filter. These filters can fracture, migrate into your heart, lungs, or other organs, and perforate blood vessels and organs.
  • Consult an attorney. Whether or not you’re sure you have a faulty IVC filter, you should consult with an experienced, Board Certified attorney right away. Attorneys with experience handling defective products cases will help you understand your legal rights, if you qualify for compensation, and help you make an informed decision about what to do next. An experienced attorney will be able to explain the window of time in which you can file your claim against the company, how long your claim may take, and answer all of your questions.

Getting help as soon as possible is crucial. Time may not be on your side. Take action now to protect your legal rights and your health. Filing an IVC filter lawsuit against C.R. Bard, Cook, Gunther, or another manufacturer may be your only defense against a mountain of medical bills down the road. A lawsuit may be your only way to hold the company accountable as well as pay for the future medical bills caused by a defective filter.

How to know if you're experiencing IVC filter complications

Half of the retrievable filters on the market are expected to fail within 5 years of being implanted, according to experts. Some people may experience symptoms and some may not. You may be experiencing filter complications and not even know it.

IVC filter placement complications sometimes occur when patients are allergic to the contrast dye. More serious complications can include blood clots, an irregular heartbeat, a bubble of air blocking a blood vessel, a collapsed lung (pneumothorax), or a collection of blood between the chest wall and the lung (hemothorax).

The filter may also tilt or migrate after being placed. This may not occur until months or years have passed since the filter was implanted. A tilted filter puts patients at risk of having a pulmonary embolism, especially if the filter is a Bard Recovery or G2 filter or a Gunther-Tulip filter. Tilted and migrated filters may puncture veins and move into other organs. If your filter migrates into your heart or lungs, you will need immediate medical intervention – possibly surgery – to fix the issue.

Retrievable filters may also fracture. The pieces of the fractured filter can perforate vein walls, travel into the heart and lungs, or perforate other organs. This typically occurs after the filter has been in place for over a year. If you experience sudden pain in your chest, heart, abdomen, back, or pelvis, seek medical attention immediately.

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Everyone with an IVC filter should consult an attorney. Even if you aren’t feeling any symptoms of filter complications, you have probably incurred medical bills because of your filter and don’t even know it. If your filter is defective or has failed, you will be facing a mountain of medical bills, potentially permanent changes to your health, as well as pain and suffering. If your loved one was killed because of an IVC filter, you may receive additional compensation.

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