Why would I choose your Houston attorneys to help me with an oilfield injury in Midland?

If you have been hurt in an oilfield accident, the attorney you choose can make a big difference in the success of your case. While it’s often a good idea to turn to a local attorney for help, location isn’t the only consideration, and an experienced legal team in Houston may be a better choice for your case than a less experienced attorney in Midland.

If you’re wondering how a legal team in Houston can help with oilfield injuries sustained in another city or region, here are just a few reasons why our attorneys might be the right fit:

  • We know that location matters. Location really does matter in your injury case, but the “where” might surprise you. Because many of the oil and gas companies that operate in Midland and the surrounding areas are headquartered in Houston, it often makes more sense to choose a legal team based in the same city as the company—not the worksite.
  • We have big-city experience handling oilfield injury cases. Our injury team has extensive experience handling injury cases against huge national and international companies, and we work with clients facing similar issues every day. While not every legal team is prepared to take on international oil companies, our team has the experience and resources to make sure you get the most out of your claim.
  • We have taken on and won cases against almost every large energy company in the world. In our experience representing injured workers, we have gone up against just about every large energy employer in the world, which gives us the kind of relevant and practical experience that wins cases.  

For clear information about protecting your rights and pursuing compensation after an oilfield injury, request your free copy of our easy-to-understand book, How to Win Your Injury Case, or contact our Houston team directly for a free and confidential case review.


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