Why are truckers more likely to have road rage than other drivers?

Road rage in truck drivers is a complicated issue. For every trucker honking his horn or driving aggressively, many more are obeying the speed and weight limits of the road. So why are some truckers more likely to cause road rage accidents in Texas?

  • Fatigue. Studies have shown that fatigue is a major contributor to short-tempered driving. Since truckers are notoriously overworked and many suffer from sleep deprivation, this naturally places them at higher risk.
  • Deadlines. If you have ever honked at someone for driving too slowly when you were late for work, you understand the pressure truck drivers are under. Many are penalized for not getting their shipments in on time, putting them consistently in a “late for work” mental state.
  • Drugs and alcohol. Many truckers use alcohol, prescription drugs, and over-the-counter aids, such as uppers and painkillers, to cope with the strain of their route. Mood-altering substances can make drivers more aggressive, making them doubly dangerous when they are hauling a two-ton load.

Remember, although truckers may be more likely drive aggressively, it does not mean they aren’t responsible for the effects of your accident. Our Navasota truck wreck attorneys can tell you if road rage is a factor in your case—and what kind of settlement you could receive.

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