Can I pursue a claim against my employer if I was injured in a pirate attack that was eventually deterred?

Not all pirate incidents end in attack, but that doesn’t make attempted attacks any less risky for unprotected crews. A large number of pirate incidents that take place in high-risk waters each year are deterred approaches or failed boarding attempts. While we often talk about the options available to seafarers who have been involved in pirate boardings, hijackings, and hostage situations, it’s definitely worth asking the question, “What happens to crewmembers who are injured in a pirate attack that fails?”

Even Failed Pirate Attacks Can Result in Serious Injuries

Even when a full-blown pirate attack is deterred, crews still suffer many of the same emotional, financial, and physical injuries as crews who were not quite as lucky. During an attempted attack or boarding, pirates may fire upon vessels with missiles, guns, and other sophisticated weapons, causing serious disabling and disfiguring injuries that impact individuals for years to come.  

Can Employers Be Held Responsible for Injuries Received in Failed Attacks?

Unfortunately, the answers in these situations aren’t always simple, and clear answers can only be obtained in a careful review of the whats, whys, and hows of what happened to you and what your employer did or did not do to protect your safety at sea. Many attacks are deterred because employers have taken careful steps to make sure their employees are secure and protected in dangerous areas. If you were injured even though your employer made your safety a priority, your options for recovering compensation for your injuries may be limited. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced legal team today.

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