What is the rule of nines used for burn victims?

After you’ve been badly burned in an accident, your doctors will use lots of complex medical terms to describe what’s happening to you. A really important one will be the number they use to describe how much of your body has been burned, the Total Body Surface Area number, or the TBSA. This number is important for doctors - it gives them a starting point for their treatment plans. It also let’s you know how much of your body has been burned.

Your doctors get to this number by using the “rule of nines” method. The rule of nines method assigns areas of your body a percentage value. These percentages are often modified for children, as their body proportions are different.

Here is the breakdown of the rule of nines:


How to figure out how much of your body is burned
By adding up the areas of your body that have been burned, your doctor will arrive at the TBSA. For example, if one arm and the back of your torso have been burned, your TBSA will be 27%.

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