What is sleep apnea? If I’m a truck driver, should I worry about it?

Yes, you should. Sleep apnea is a condition in which a person cannot get proper rest because their breathing is interrupted while they sleep, causing them to wake up often in the course of the night. As a result, sleep apnea sufferers are more likely to experience chronic fatigue, dulled responses, and lack of alertness while driving.

As a result of a recent lawsuit, Celadon is now required to educate its drivers about the dangers of sleep apnea. Under Texas law, commercial truck drivers can be treated for the condition without losing their commercial driving license. However, many drivers are reluctant to do so, for a few different reasons:

  • Long hours. Drivers may be aware of the condition, but simply have no time to treat it. While companies may offer information, it takes time, doctor’s visits, and a sleep study for proper diagnosis.
  • Health constraints. People who have a body mass index of 35 or higher are more likely to suffer sleep apnea; unfortunately, the demands of the job put many truckers into this high-risk category.
  • Discrimination. Many truckers believe that a sleep apnea diagnosis will cost them their jobs--with their current employer and any future job prospects down the road.

Truckers should be aware of this condition to improve their health, but also to improve overall safety on the road. A good night’s sleep will positively affect your life and your job performance, so if you have been terminated after your diagnosis, you should contact a Celadon Trucking work injury attorney right away.

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Vuk Stevan Vujasinovic
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